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     At Strength Camp, our mission is to empower millions of people in various regions to become the strongest version of themselves. The way we do this is by being the best version of ourselves in life and in business, which gives us the power to help others. I'm from Kamloops, I've lived here most of my life. I've studied with the International Sports Science Association and received direct coaching from world renowned coaches Elliott Hulse and Chris Barnard and earned myself a Strength Camp Certification in 2017.

     My goal in life is to create a lasting impact in millions of people's lives through empowering them to be stronger each and every day.

     With 10 years experience training myself and being a competitive Strongman Athlete, and after experiencing helping thousands of locals grow stronger, I've developed the skill to see exactly where an individual is at and what it is they need to get better and stronger in the gym which I believe also makes one stronger in life as a whole.

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