Jared Carrier

Past Experience

Meet Jared, he is Kamloops Strongest Lightweight Man! 

Jared is one of our in-house coaches and nutritionist. He embarked on his fitness journey with an apprenticeship in Strength and Personal Training through Strength Camp Kamloops. With a certified background from ISSA, Jared specializes in Strength Training and Calisthenics, bringing a wealth of experience to our gym community. As the dedicated instructor for our afternoon classes, he seamlessly blends knowledge and passion to create engaging and effective workouts.

But Jared's expertise doesn't stop there—he is also a certified nutritionist and offers personalized nutrition coaching to complement your fitness journey. Whether he's leading classes or guiding you through Personal Training sessions, Jared tailors workouts and nutrition plans to your individual needs, ensuring optimal strength, performance, and overall well-being. Join Jared for an enriching fitness experience that combines expertise, variety, and a commitment to your holistic health. 

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