Strength Camp Method Group Training

The Strength Camp Method is designed to help people grow stronger!
Each Class is broken down to 4 stages.

STRUCTURE: Stretches and Mobility work are done here to work on your foundations through corrective exercises, these will improve posture, core stability and overall mobility.

STRENGTH: During this phase we use compound movements to build upon your solid foundation. Build lean muscle, and more absolute strength!

SPEED: The ability to move in multiple plans of movement (different directions) in a confident manner is a staple of a healthy human. This phase is key to increase muscle tone and fat loss to overall look and feel your best !

1 on 1 ~ coaching

If you would like to take your the next big step in bringing your health and fitness to a higher level, then this is the program for you. 
Designed to help you accomplish a goal, guaranteed.


Maximize your body's potential with Strength Camp BC's custom nutrition plans. Our expert guidance supports balanced and sustainable eating, whether you aim for weight management, muscle gain, or heightened energy levels.

Group Classes

Join our vibrant fitness community at Strength Camp BC through invigorating group classes. Led by passionate instructors, these sessions offer a dynamic environment for improving strength, endurance, and overall well-being

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Small Group Personal Training Memberships using The Strength Camp Method starting at just $37 weekly!

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